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tie dye lawyer

The Tie Dye Lawyer

During a much deserved vacation with his wife, Lou discovered a new passion that perfectly complements his other passions: his family and law practice. While on vacation in Hawaii, in an area called Captain Cook, Lou stumbled across a local shop owner working his magic. He struck up a conversation, received a crash-course in the […]

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Choosing A Trustee You Can Trust

In a trust-based estate plan, you appoint successor trustees. The trustee is involved in just about every aspect of the trust administration, from taking care of you and your trust if you are incapacitated (“disability trustee”) to administering your trust upon death (“death trustee”). The successor trustee role carries great responsibility. Most people choose someone […]

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lou silverman, Lou Silverman Achieves Certified Specialist in Estate and Trust Law

2018 Business Excellence Award Finalist

Silverman Law Offices is proud to announce that the business has been selected as one of the finalists for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s prestigious 2018 Business Excellence Awards. This annual award recognizes responsible business leadership and honors those that demonstrate a passion for excellence. Through the awards, the Tempe Chamber identifies companies whose practices […]

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Designing an Inheritance Plan: 3 Things You Should Think About

Prospective clients often ask advice in designing an inheritance plan for their children to inherit assets. Typical concerns are the children’s ages, maturity level, divorce risk, and the size of the potential inheritance. Here are three important factors to consider in designing an inheritance: 1. Should all children be treated the same? Parents overwhelmingly want […]

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Business Continuity Plan

Business Continuity Plan

Don’t just rely on a generic form when putting together a buy-sell agreement, have a business continuity plan in place. Many of our clients are business owners and have a “partnership” with other individuals. We use the term “partnership” generally, and are referring to corporations, limited liability companies, and general partnerships. Partners in these types […]

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Business Planning Services

Business Planning Services: Probate

Silverman Law Offices offers several business planning services. But we also want to make sure you understand what some of those services include and why you might need them. This article will explain the fundamentals of probate, which is something you can easily avoid by having a trusted professional set up the documents required so […]

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