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At Silverman Law Offices we believe that estate planning is about more than avoiding taxes and probate. Yes, there are the documents that need to be created: powers of attorney, trusts and wills. More than that, we create customized plans—we do not use “cookie cutter” documents from a template—we prefer to meet your individual needs.

Here you can find our individualized advice on situations in which our clients have found themselves. Here you can find our discussions on state taxes, powers of attorney, life care planning, and even more pleasurable topics like how to title a vacation home.

business assets and probate

Business Assets and Probate

Understanding Business Assets and Probate Question: My father recently passed away. His only asset of any value was his small manufacturing business Corporation. Is his business subject to probate? Answer: To answer your question I need to briefly answer a question that I am often asked, “What is probate”? Probate is the legal process used to […]

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avoid probate, dangerous shortcuts

Don’t Create Dangerous Shortcuts to Avoid Probate Court

I recently received the following question from a reader of my Arizona Republic newspaper column: My mother recently passed away. She wrote a will, but to avoid probate she left her residence to my three siblings and me by a beneficiary deed, put her bank accounts into my name, and left a list for the distribution […]

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