Customized estate planning, including trusts, wills, living wills, HIPAA, and powers of attorney.

When a person dies, their assets will be managed and transferred to heirs, beneficiaries and creditors through a process called estate administration.

People often think of estate planning mostly in terms of the documents that are generated: wills, powers of attorney, living wills, trusts, etc. Most people are focused on minimizing taxes and perhaps avoiding probate, overlooking some of the most important decisions and opportunities available to them to impact the lives of others after they are gone.

We believe an estate plan should be about more than taxes and probate. Our estate planning philosophy emphasizes the design and custom drafting of your individualized plan (no “cookie cutter” documents here), as well as ongoing counseling and education for you and your loved ones in order to help create your family’s legacy.

We strive to serve every client with Honesty, Integrity, and Compassion. You want your loved ones to experience a smooth transition and to be well taken care of when you’re gone—we want that, too! We believe in the power of building long-lasting relationships with our clients by creating your plan specifically around your family’s unique needs with the same care, attention to detail, and thoroughness as we would for our own families.

Silverman Law Offices provides complete estate planning services that include design, implementation, maintenance, and settlement of a plan.

Examples of Estate Planning Documents

Trusts are a powerful tool for minimizing or avoiding taxes, for providing creditor and asset management protection to surviving spouses and children, and for fulfilling charitable desires. Trusts come in many forms and serve many purposes, both financial and non-financial. We help our clients understand the types of trusts that might best accomplish their goals and assist them in designing and implementing the appropriate trust for their unique circumstance. In most cases, a Will is prepared to support the Trust, called a “Pour-Over Will.” This type of Will leaves property to the trustee of the Trust upon the owner’s death.

Depending on several factors, a Last Will may meet your estate planning goals.  The attorney will consider your net worth, whether or not you have minor children, and various other factors in order to best counsel you whether a will is sufficient or if a trust is needed.

Powers of attorney are an absolute necessity in any estate plan. Many people think of estate planning as death planning. Published studies tell us that a majority of people will experience a period of disability before they die. Who will handle their financial affairs in the event they are disabled? Who will have the authority to make critical medical and health care decisions for them if they are no longer capable of making those decisions for themselves? We work closely with our clients to make sure their needs and desires are clearly stated and expressed in powers of attorney.

At the end of life, many people do not want to unnecessarily prolong the dying process. In the absence of clear instructions to the health care providers, many people find that their wishes are not honored. We help clients clearly state their wishes regarding efforts to continue their life and their desire regarding the end of their life.

What Is Your Family’s Legacy?

Your family’s legacy is that which you have thoughtfully and purposely created for your family and those you love. The firm provides you with the tools and processes to turn your “snapshot” of what you’d like to see happen into reality.

To help clients implement their new estate plan, Silverman Law Offices offers enhanced trust funding services. Trust funding is a critical element in successful estate plans, and ensures that your goals are precisely and efficiently attained. This firm is one of only a handful of estate planning practices that provides this valuable service to clients.

All trust planning clients who take advantage of our funding services are automatically enrolled in our trust maintenance program, known as the Silverman Maintenance Program (SMP), for a complimentary period. While members of the Maintenance Program, clients have several opportunities for ongoing education, are given continued funding support, and receive updates of their estate planning documents to address personal changes, as well as changes in the law—all in an effort to ensure their estate plan works the way they intended.

Silverman Law Offices is here to help you create your family’s legacy, which will allow you to enjoy your life, your wealth, and your family with the peace of mind that your estate plan is firmly in place, is being actively maintained, and will be successfully settled in the future!

Silverman Law Offices is here to help you create your family’s legacy, which will allow you to enjoy your life, your wealth, and your family with the peace of mind that your estate plan is firmly in place