Occasionally we have people contact our office simply looking for assistance with health care directives.

Health care directives are used to appoint an agent to make health care decisions for you if you can no longer make them yourself, and for making your wishes known regarding end of life decisions.

The office of the Arizona Attorney General provides standard health care directives and resources for all Arizonans under the name “Life Care Planning.”  You can download documents, get general information about Arizona laws regarding future incapacity and get answers to commonly asked questions about health care directives.

The Life Care Planning Packet from the Attorney General’s office includes these forms with instructions:

    1. Durable Health Care Power of Attorney
    2. Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney
    3. Living Will (End of Life Care)
    4. Letter to My Agent (Representative)
    5. Pre-Hospital Medical Directive (Do Not Resuscitate) (must be printed on ORANGE paper).

A General Durable Power of Attorney, wills and trusts are different legal instruments than the documents listed here and should be prepared in consultation with an attorney.

For our estate planning clients, all relevant health care directives and life care planning forms are included in the preparation of your estate plan. Updating and maintaining these directives is included in our Trust Maintenance Program. For more information about how health care directives fit into an overall estate plan, please give us a call.