The tie dye lawyer and his team!During a much deserved vacation with his wife, Lou discovered a new passion that perfectly complements his other passions: his family and law practice.

While on vacation in Hawaii, in an area called Captain Cook, Lou stumbled across a local shop owner working his magic. He struck up a conversation, received a crash-course in the art of tie dying, and inspiration struck. Lou realized that a creative outlet is exactly what he’d been missing. And the Tie Dye Lawyer was born.

What started out as a small hobby, working with tie-dye kits he purchased from craft stores, has turned into a full-fledged “hobby-job” as he describes it. Lou continues to maintain a thriving estate planning and business law firm while making time for his new endeavor.

He sets aside a couple of hours one or two nights a week to work on his tie dying. It’s a meticulous craft and he is determined to continue to grow and learn new techniques about the process.

As his skills have grown, so does the impact of the Tie Dye Lawyer.

Lou lives his life building strong, meaningful relationships and it’s reflected in the way he treats his team, clients, friends and family. He’s thankful for the people in his life and wants to make sure they know how much they’re appreciated. For this reason, Lou started giving his tie dyed articles as personal gifts. He says, “This work (tie dye) is very personal to me and I love giving gifts that will exceed expectations and create a sense of joy for others.”

You may have seen some of Lou’s creations being worn at the recent Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards where the Silverman Law Team was a finalist for the Business of the Year Award.